Vehement: Vegan Boxing Gloves

Destroy Your Enemies, Not Your Planet. That is the slogan for Vehement boxing gloves, the world´s first vegan boxing gloves registered by The Vegan Society. The Wolfheart X1 is free of leather and any other animal products. The gloves sold-out immediately but will be restocked this summer. Vehement also plans to release pads, MMA gloves, and a pro boxing glove soon.

Like most of the recent developments in future-leathers and sustainable vegan textiles, these gloves outperform animal-leather by a long shot both in the ring and in the realm of sustainability. According to founder Jan:

"...leather is not a good material for martial arts equipment anyway. It is expensive, rough and unhygienic. It becomes brittle after a while and is not washable. It smells because it absorbs all your sweat. It is an old-fashioned material not suitable for full contact sports. You would have to replace your equipment every now and then anyway as the cushioning effect of the padding decreases over time, making the long-lasting effects of leather useless. Modern materials like PU are much more eco-friendly and reasonable. We don´t live in the stone-age anymore."


Check out their cool brand video: