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We Animals

featuredJoshua Katcher


Photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, whose riveting work is featured in the new documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine, has released a groundbreaking coffee-table book entitled We Animals. “If ever there was a document that might cause human beings to reconsider our entire relationship to the animal world this hauntingly beautiful book is it,” says Wade Davis, Explorer in Residence, at the National Geographic Society.

This 208-page, hard-cover book includes over 100 photographs shot over the last decade. It shares some of the most harrowing and uplifting stories I've come across since I started shooting the We Animals project. The book includes a heart-warming chapter entitled Mercy, about incredible activists around the globe taking action for animals, as well as a section called Notes from the Field, which is a small collection of journal entries, offering an inside look at what it's been like to do investigative work. -WeAnimals.org

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