Wiener Roast: If you've ever wondered why men identify with charring meat, check out the article I wrote about dude-culture and barbecuing! CrazySexyLife

Rag & Bone's organic knits. You know we think wool is 'effed up. Rag & Bone, whose aesthetic we love, has some really great knits in organic cotton for Spring '09. Did you know that 25% of ALL PESTICIDES used globally is for cotton?

Rag & Bone Chunky Shawl Neck Cardigan

Rag & Bone Superfine Organic Cotton HoodieRag & Bone Superfine Organic Cotton Hoodie

Knock Out Dog Fighting: Tito Ortiz, Cung Lee, and other bad-asses take a stand against dog fighting. Check it out!

Gardein ...tastes.... like... chicken. I picked up some It's All Good brand veggie-chick'n in tomato tuscan marinade because it's made with this really great faux meat called Gardein, and I hadn't tried it yet. It was really convincing (scarily so, for this more-than-a-decade-vegan), and has 26 grams if protein per serving! Wow.  I prepared it over quinoa with some steamed greens: