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veganJoshua Katcher


MMA fans who also are warriors for animals must have been torn the other night, watching  Washington DC’s first UFC event where long-time vegan Mac Danzig sought to avenge an a controversial loss against “Handsome” Matt Wiman, who has been sporting “” and “” on his fight shorts.

According to "There was no abbreviated ending in the rematch between lightweights Matt Wiman and Mac Danzig. Instead, fans got 15 full minutes of action – with the emphasis on action – from the two Ultimate Fighter alums, with Wiman pulling out a close, but unanimous, decision win. See post-fight interview".

While Wiman ultimately took the win by decision, both fighters got a much-deserved $65,000 “Fight of the Night” bonus, the crowd-pleasing Danzig’s second, in addition to his “Knockout of the Night” award in his last fight against Joe Stephenson.

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Even post-fight, looks like these guys are still pals. Only one question remains, can we send them both into the offices of Trophy Hunter Magazine?

Check out these guys, hanging out fotn style @macdanzigmma