Sometimes it can be tough avoiding the the wool industry when looking for a decent waistcoat. Here's a couple wool-free options by Topman. And if you think wool is just a haircut, check out our pal Gary Smith's article Pulling the Wool over our Eyes at Elephant Journal. Wool

Grey suit waistcoatBlack Striped WaiscoatGreen tartan waistcoat announced that it will no longer sell products made from exotic skins. According to company officials, the Salt Lake City-based online retailer "has removed from its site all apparel and accessory products which feature exotic animal skins, including snake, alligator, crocodile, lizard, ostrich, stingray, eel, shark or kangaroo and will no longer sell such products." Thanks to PETA for cluing them in.

These sneaks are made of 100% organic cotton. Spring is just around the (very long, cold) corner!

White Organic TrainersBlue Organic Cotton Trainers

The world's largest food service company, Compass Group, launched it's Flexitarian initiative, which is aimed at expanding the variety and supply of meat-free options for its customers—promoting healthier, more sustainable and more humane eating.A “flexitarian” is someone who actively integrates meatless meals into his or her diet when possible but isn’t a full-time vegetarian.