• Did you miss it? Back in April, GQ interviewed WWE's Daniel Bryan -the pro-wrestling vegan.

GQ: Which cities have the best food option for you? Daniel Bryan: I love Chicago. We'll be there for Extreme Rules at the end of this month. I love Seattle because that's where I'm from and I know all the spots. One of the places I love flying into is Baltimore. There's this vegan place right across from the airport that I always go to, and that's always a real treat. But in major cities, I can always find someplace good. - GQ.com

• Help IDA raise the funds to prove that deer and humans can co-exist. IDA's efforts to support proven birth-control for deer are so important to counter plans by communities that want to cruelly kill them.

by Artist, Mu Pan

• What kind of fiends kill dolphins by the thousands? The annual dolphin slaughter in Japan started a few days ago. Watch the video and sign the petition: