There are so many ideas of what it means to "be a man". I like to challenge them, I'm not afraid to be vulnerable. Through social media I've shared my passion for veganism, but also other topics close to my heart. There is strength in compassion and being in touch with our femininity. Through showing my journey dealing with abuse, hiv, mental illness and the wonderful effect of compassion, veganism, yoga and love I hope to empower the people I reach. Being a strong man means being compassionate and a support to his community.

- Jason Tjon Affo @theindigokitchen

Jason Tjon Affo is a chef, yogi and founder of @theindigokitchen, where he shares his colorful, healthy recipes and insights. Follow Jason on Instagram: @theindigokitchen

DISCERNING BRUTES is an ongoing series highlighting masculine-presenting vegans and asking them to offer insight, revision or critique about what it means to "be a man" today.