Don't forget the boards for spring! I couldn't find any skateboards made from recycled materials (if anyone knows of anything, please pass the info along) but, check these 'sustainable' boards from Comet Skateboards. Ye Olde Cosmic Shred  30the galaxy's sleevesShred City 35

Comet Skateboards uses poplar and hickory from sustainable forests for a board's core, topped with bamboo or maple veneer and coated with water-based paints. They're also working to help develop 'green' epoxies, reinforcements and coatings. The boards are designed and manufactured in the world's only solar-powered skateboard factory, which is located in downtown San Francisco. The company is committed to manufacturing locally (still made here!) and sources supplies locally whenever possible.

Packaging your package in organic hemp/cotton boxers are not the only amazing thing you can do thanks to Satori Movement. You can also have organic tees, hemp denim, tanks, totes and hoodies that don't look like potato sacks (beware of their hippy-sandals, though!).

*Don't forget to get the vegan bumps & bruises, and cut & scrape vegan hemp herbal balms before you hit the half-pipe.

*You can purchase any of the skater-inspired, eco-geeko gear at Culture Skate is a great source for skater-dudes who want to keep their eco-footprint small enough to still do a kick-flip.

Culture Skate