veganJoshua Katcher

The Trump Boys' African Killing Spree

veganJoshua Katcher

What's the best way to help people in need if you are one of the richest families in the world? Duh, go on a wildlife killing spree!

Look how much manly money these two Trump boys have. But don't worry, they say. All animals killed on their vacation fed hungry villagers (perhaps they hired GoDaddy to do PR on this stunt?), and in all sarcastic-seriousness, I don't think these two billionaire American Princes could have figured out any other way to help Africans-in-need than a wildlife slaughtering-spree. Who's thirsty for some leopard blood?

This is a performance of power against the powerless; a sad attempt at proving machismo. There are a million ways in which these rich boys could have helped villagers if that was their true concern. It's disgusting that they would use this lame excuse to justify their testosterone-spectacle.


This is why mainstream masculinity is a roadblock to sustainability. Because being a protector, a defender, or a hero takes far too much work, knowledge, and consistency for guys like this; because caring is for "sissies". Providing a comparable amount of help (instead of harm) to these cats (or the villagers) is far more difficult than being a destroyer, exploiter and violator of them - it's as easy as pulling a trigger.  This spectacle is out of context, out of date - and all for what, so some of their buddies can look at the image and say "oh wow, cool bro, look at what you paid to have killed!".!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/image.jpg

Perhaps this one below is worst of all, with the severed tail of the elephant in his left hand held...awkwardly. This reeks of a PR stunt.

Click. "Wait, how did my hairline look in that photo? No ... take it again." Click. "My bullets weren't displayed properly. Are they hiding my belly? Click. "Oh, hold the knife like that? Not this? Ok." Click. "One more shot. How's this angle? Can you tell this is a tail? My legs look awkward.." Click. "Hey elephant, you're fired! Dad will like that one."